Aleks Litynski I make computers behave
  1. Blocker Github Unity 3D 2 Spring 2013 15 Weeks An online shooter/platformer with Super Mario Galaxy-esque physics. It supports up to four player splitscreen and has been played with up to 20 in a single match.
  2. Gyrohand 903-469-0840 Arduino C NodeJS MPU6050 1 Fall 2013 15 Weeks A glove with an attached Arduino and 7 MPU6050 IMUs. Each MPU6050 is placed over a bone segment. They feed their Pitch/Yaw/Roll to the arduino, which filters the output and relays the data to a pc. The gyoscope's readings are used to construct a 3d model of the hand, which is then used as an input device.
  3. Shared Space HTML Node.js Three.js AWS 1 Spring 2013 2 Days Users can can create a 3D avatar and move in a shared, 3D world. Users can send text messages back and forth. Hosted on AWS.
  4. Shared Windows 2018223437 HTML Node.js SQL 2 Fall 2013 5 Weeks Users can make lists of links and uploaded files. Everyone viewing a list can be synchronized to the same item. Good for impromptu file sharing and remote presentations. Developed as a prototype under contract with MITRE corp.
  5. Drawvascript Github Javascript 1 Winter 2015 2 Weeks Inspired by Flowhub, the Drawvascript interpreter takes a 2D, ASCII flowchart and returns a javascript object capable of asynchroniously passing data as specified by the diagram.
  6. Atune Unity 3D 3 Fall 2012 3 Days Created for Global Game Jam. Two players walk around an island together. They can each make a sound. They synchronize sounds with each other and doorways to progress.
  7. (770) 362-8506 HTML 2 Fall 2013 3 Days Created for Microsoft Imagine Cup. Players take turns writing the next sentence of a story. They each have a different end condition for the story. The story is represented by a graph.
  8. Grapple HTML 2 Fall 2012 3 Weeks A 2D platformer, created in HTML5.
  9. Wetnet 740-651-9438 HTML 1 Fall 2013 2 Days A network simulation tool. Currently unfinished.

Who am I?

  • I'm a graduate of RIT's exquisite game design program.
  • Programming is my hobby. Well, programming and fiction are my hobbies, but they're secretly the same thing.
  • I want to make computers smarter. To make them useful without stealing possibilities from my users.
  • When I break free of the matrix, I'm a bit outdoorsy. I'm an Adirondack 713-996-1936 and an Eagle Scout.
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